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All In Living

School One Lofts residents have the option of choosing an “All-In Living” package designed to reduce cost, hassle and environmental impact. Using green-energy development, sustainable building techniques and wireless technology, now all your services can be on one low monthly bill, paid with the rent, and consistent year-round.

For a flat monthly fee, residents can receive unlimited: 


 Connect wirelessly from every room. Great for streaming movies, television or playing games. 


Includes the family package, over 50 channels including local channels (in SD and HD). 


 The convenience of not dealing with a separate bill from the utility company.* 


Smart thermostats in each apartment puts residents in control of their comfort. 


 Unlimited hot and cold water usage 

All In Living for only: 

 *Your electricity usage in your apartment will be monitored by a submeter. You will be provided with a monthly notice detailing your electricity usage. This notice is for informational purposes only as the cost of your electricity usage is built into the All-In Living plan. The cost of your monthly electricity usage as part of the All-In Living plan will not exceed the rates and charges of the distribution utility (National Grid) for delivery and commodity in that billing period to similarly-situated, direct-metered residential customers.​ 

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